What is a Mobile Concrete Plant?

Before you start producing your mix

  1. Calibrate the gates at the level indicated according to the mix design to be used. 
  2. Adjust the flowmeter(s) to the required position.
  3. Check the cement hopper clutch and set it to high or low as required.
  4. Set the water and additive switches in your home to automatic.


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Can all types of concrete be done with this unit?

A continuous mixing equipment has as one of its main characteristics the ability to make all types of concrete, and when it comes to all types of concrete it is, not only considering the resistance but also any need for humidity level conditions, be completely dry. until reaching the opposite extreme of self-compacting concrete, and with any characteristic of stone materials.

What concrete production capacity do you have per load?

STARMIX has equipment with different autonomy capacities, however, regarding line equipment, the largest produced is the 880 S, which has an autonomy of 8.2 cubic meters of concrete.

Can more than one type of concrete be produced per batch?

Yes, in fact, a continuous production equipment is the only equipment that can do this. For example, we could form 20 wheelbarrows and dispense concrete with different characteristics to each one. The formulation adjustment in the equipment is 4 minutes, so it allows us to do what they can’t imagine.

How different is the concrete of this truck, with respect to the traditional one?

Dramatically different and superior. Our plasticity, slump, cohesion, and TEMPERATURE make our concrete the best in the world.

How to wash when finished and prevent the concrete from sticking?

The machine has its own water pressure system with a hydraulic pump, with which it washes and remember that the washing area is very small, we have managed to wash equipment with less than 100 liters of water, the truth is unsurpassed by any other system, is a green machine both in gas emissions with more than 47% reduction in emissions and in the use of water.

Can the hoppers be loaded while production is in progress?

Yes, that is another characteristic that only a continuous production team can have. As it is a cascade-type supply to the mixer, we can recharge the machine simultaneously while it is producing, and this without compromising its dosage precision.