IICAM Services

We teach courses that will train operators, who will manage continuous concrete production plants for internal and external staff, likewise, we provide conferences and information in universities and educational institutions, on continuous concrete production equipment.

We provide technical advice on competition issues to customers and follow up with operators in order to support them.


Operator training courses, which will guarantee that the equipment works properly, resulting in concrete with the best quality on the market.

Conferences for educational entities, conferences to publicize the “STARMIX” continuous concrete production system as well as the physical, economic and operational advantages of this equipment, aimed at students in their final semesters of civil engineering and architecture.

Our Vision

We focus on supporting civil engineering and architecture graduates, all those who have a “STARMIX” team or are interested in acquiring one.

We sing with highly trained staff for the operational section of your continuous production plant, this will translate into very high quality concrete, savings and profits above the competition.